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Registration of applications and reports submission

By the opening of the conference the conference proceedings will be published. Applications for participation and abstracts of reports will be accepted until January 15 , 2022 on

1. The report text not more than 5 pages of A4 format should be typed in WORD text editor. Formulae should be submitted in Microsoft Equation formula editor, images should be submitted in *.jpg or *.gif. formats.

2. Page parameters: all margins - 2,5 cm. Font parameters: Times New Roman, KZ Times New Roman (size - 12), spacing: single. UDC is placed on the left upper corner.

3. On the next line initials and surname of the author are typed in the center with capital letters (bold). After the interval the report title is typed in the center with uppercase letters (bold). After the interval name of the country, city and affiliation (not cutdown) of the author are typed in the center with uppercase letters (italic).

4. After the interval an abstract is typed in Kazakh, Russian and English (size - 10). After the interval the keywords (5 words, size - 10) are typed. After the interval form the indent the report text is typed. The reference list in order of the links is typed at the end of the article. Information about the author (authors): full name and surname, affiliation (full name of organization, university and its acronym), scientific degree, work telephone, e-mail. The file name with report thesis should include surname and initials of the participant. For example, nurgalievaFT.doc.

The organizing committee reserves the right to select reports for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Additional information about the conference and registration is available on The publications should be sent to With the questions of publication, receiving of applications and reports contact to the following Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Abai KazNPU, 3rd floor, 308,  scientific secretary of the conference Ainur Sagimbayeva (work tel.: 272-30-73, 272-82-72, 272-75-87).

Registration fee 4000 tenge (the conference proceedings) can be transferred to the account «Bank CenterCredit» IIC KZ 178560000000086696 BIC КСJBKZKX, RNN 600900529562, BIN 031240004969, Кбе 16

The receipt must include: name and surname of the participant; for the participation in «MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION AND SCIENCE (MM ITES)» conference. Electronic copy of the receipt should be sent to the scientific secretary of the conference to e-mail:

Payment for travel, accommodation is produced by the participants.

According to the results of the conference the best reports will be recommended for publication in the journal «Bulletin of Abai KazNPU. Physics and Mathematics sciences series» (the journal is recommended by CCSES MES RK).


Due to the current situation in the country with the extension of the quarantine the conference will be held in an online format