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A talented pedagog of higher school renowned in scientific spheres, a specialist in the field of inverse problems of mathematical physics, also in the field of theory and methodology of teaching computer science and informatization of education Yessen Yklasovich Bidaibekov was born on 2 October, 1945 in the village Akkum of Talas district of Zhambyl region in the family of a school teacher, participant of the Great Patriotic War Abyldash Nysanbekov, who devoted all his live to public education, and worked for many years as a school director.

The beginning of Y.Y. Bidaibekov's scientific way is connected with Kazakh state university named after S.M. Kirov. In 1961 after leaving Karatau boarding school of Zhambyl region with medal he entered mechanics and mathematics faculty of Kazakh state university (KazSU) named after S.M. Kirov and in 1967 graduated from it. Before entering the postgraduate study, he worked as a mathematician-programmer in laboratory of computing mathematics (CM) chair of the same university. In 1970 he entered a postgraduate study within CM chair and was sent to Computing centre of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS), where under supervision of correspondent-member of the Russian academy of sciences V.G. Romanov worked on candidate thesis, related to inverse problems of mathematical physics, Yessen Yklasovich started to work on them being research student of academician M.M. Lavrentyev.

Since that time his cooperation with the scientists of Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR had started, a meeting with them played decisive role in his scientific-research activity. Many years of cooperation with distinguished scientists as M.M. Lavrentyev, V.G. Romanov and others, with most of whom he still supports close contact, contributed to the formation of his personality and the formation as a scientist, gaining communication skills with people of scientific and pedagogical sphere. He was formed as a scientist in the full force of his talent organizer of science in higher education.

Y.Y. Bidaibekov's scientific, and scientific and pedagogical outlook was formed under the influence of well-known Russian and Kazakh scientists-teachers such as Ibrashev Ch.I., Irkegulov Sh.T., Umbetzhanov D.U., Kasymov K.A., Sultangazin U.M., Kubesov A.K., Zhanbyrbayev B.S., Shalbayev E.B. and others. They influenced on his scientific and creative pedagogical activity. Bidaibekov Y.Y. still reminisces with deep respect and gratitude his all preceptors.

After graduating the postgraduate study till 1984 his work activity was connected with Kazakh state university named after S.M. Kirov. He worked as a senior lecturer, then as an associate professor in the chair of mathematical provision of IBM, later he worked in applied analysis chair of mechanics and mathematics faculty.

In 1975 he brilliantly defended his candidate thesis entitled «About uniqueness of inverse problems solution for some quasi-linear equations of hyperbolic type».

Yessen Yklasovich - a talented science organizer, he gathered around himself a lot of pupils, who have continued the research in the field of inverse problems of mathematical physics. Bidaibekov Y.Y. successfully combines hard scientific work with fruitful pedagogical and organizing activity.

Since 1984 to the present time Bidaibekov Y.Y. has been working in KazNPU named after Abai. At first, he was an associate professor of computing mathematics and differential equations chair of mathematics and physics faculty, since 1985 - a head of the same chair, which later was renamed computer science and applied mathematics chair. Since 2010 head of the computer science and informatization of education chair at the Institute of magistracy and PhD doctorate of KazNPU named after Abai, which was later renamed computer science, mathematics and informatization of education chair. Nowadays since 2014 he is a head of computer science and informatization of education chair of the Institute of mathematics, physics and informatics.

Since 1985 he has been carrying out an extensive work on the improvement of scientific and organizational activities and mobilizing his colleagues to solving of actual problems related to the theory and methodology of teaching computer science, as well as the introduction of new information and communication technologies in education. He is considered to be one of the initiators of opening new specialties at physics and mathematics faculty: «computer science and computerization manager», «computer science and English», «computer science and economics», «computer science and information protection». Curricula on the given specialties were developed and introduced under his direct participation.

On his initiative, new educational programs have been developed and introduced into the educational process in all specialties of the department:

– bachelor: В011-Training of Informatics teachers (6В01507-Informatics, 6В01508-Informatics in English, 6В01509-Informatics and Robotics), В057-Information technologies (6В06101-Informatics, 6В06102-Information systems, 6В0610-Mathematical and computer modelling), В056-Mechanics (6В05402-Mechanics of Machines and Robotics), В064- Mechanics and Metalworking (6В07106-Instrument Engineering); 

– master's study: М012-Training of Informatics teachers (7М01503-Informatics); М094-Information technology (7М06101-Informatics, 7М06102-Information systems), (7М01405-Technology and Robotics), 

– doctoral study: 8D012- Training of Informatics teachers (8D01507 – Informatics), 8D061-Information technology (8D06101-Informatics, 8D06102-Information systems), 8D01405 – Technology and Robotics.

An elective course «Digital Technologies in Education» has been developed and introduced for all pedagogical specialty students of Abai KazNPU.

With his characteristic energy and enthusiasm he embodied in his life the idea of ​​creating the Centre of Informatization of Education (CIE) at KazNPU named after Abai. Under his supervision the CIE achieved real results on ensuring the learning process of KazNPU named after Abai modern information and communication technologies, on development and implementation in the educational process of educational software. Due to his skillful organizational work various scientific developments were successfully performed on the base of CIE.

He is an initiator of creating of the International scientific laboratory of informatization of education problems and educational technologies, STEM-park, as well as al-Farabi educational center under the department of Informatics and Informatization of Education.

His activities in the field of informatization and digitalization of education are received recognition and fame not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad.

In 1996 Bidaibekov Y.Y. was elected as an actual member of the Russian academy of informatization of education (RA IO). As a result of many years of fruitful work in this direction in 1998 at the Institute of general and secondary education of Russian education (Moscow, RF) he brilliantly defended his doctoral thesis entitled «The development of methodical system of training to computer science of experts of the structures combined with computer science at universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan» and was recertified to Higher Attestation Commission of the RK in 2004. Since 2011 he is an actual academician of the International academy of informatization of education (IAIO).

In 1985-87 he took an active part in forming the content and methodology of teaching school course «Foundations of computer science and computing machine» in the Republic of Kazakhstan, he became a special editor of translation of trial guides into Kazakh for the learners and teaching manuals for teachers, prepared under the editorship of A.P. Ershov, V.M. Monachov, such as: «Informatika men esepteuish technika negizderi» (in 2 parts), «Informatika men esepteuish technika negizderin okytu» (in 2 parts). As a special editor he not only followed the reliability of scientific and methodological level of the translation, but also established and implemented terminology in Kazakh on computer science, providing input of a new discipline in secondary schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Yessen Yklasovich deals with not only translation, but also he is one of the authors of study guides and manuals. Among his first works are: «Matematiko-informatsionnyye tekhnologii v teorii i praktike obucheniya», «Matematicheskoye modelirovaniye i chislennyye metody. Vvedeniye», also in Kazakh: «EVM kalay zhumys isteydi», «MSX-BASIC-pen Algashky tanysu» (in 3 parts), «Informatika bastamalary» (algoritmdeu), «Logikalyk bagdarlamalau» (Prolog - B), «Vektorlyk algebra», «Top, sakina zhane oristerdin kasiyetteri» and many others. All of them are still relevant and popular nowadays.

Nowadays a work in this direction is effectively developing on the base of the chair managed by Bidaibekov Y.Y. Manuals for students, teaching manuals for teachers and students are actively developing and publishing, program and pedagogical means (PPM) in support the teaching of computer science in schools and pedagogical universities are developing and introducing. A matter of the development and adaptation of pedagogical program means for national schools is highlighted as one of the key ones and he pays particular attention to them.

Among a lot of PPM developed under professor Y.Y. Bidaibekov's supervision his one of the first works - «Yazykovaya sreda» PPM is should be noted. In 1994 at the republican exhibition-fair it was awarded the diploma of the first degree and was recommended for use in education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main directions of Y.Y. Bidaibekov's scientific and teaching, and creative activity are related to research in the field of informatization and digitalization of education and science and related to it problems of education on various levels of education, also training of scientific and pedagogical staff on computer science and informatization of education.

Yessen Yklasovich is known as one of the founders of computerization of public education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He created one of the strongest Kazakh scientific schools in the field of informatization of education and science, and his students occupy leading management positions in the field of education and science from university teachers to rectors, ministers of education.

The following his works are considered to be an important step in founded by him Kazakh scientific school of informatization of education: «Informatizatsiya obrazovaniya v Kazakhstane», «Podgotovka spetsialistov sovmeshchennogo po informatike profilya v respublike Kazakhstan», «Informatsionnoye integrirovaniye i analiz obrazovatel'noy oblasti v razrabotke elektronnykh sredstv obucheniya», «Razrabotka i ispol'zovaniye obrazovatel'nykh elektronnykh izdaniy i resursov», «Informatizatsiya obrazovaniya i problemy obucheniya», «Informatikany okytu adistemesi», «Chislennyye metody», «Sandyk adister», «Bazy dannykh i informatsionnyye sistemy», «Malimetter kory zhane akparattyk zhuyyeler», «Nauchno-metodicheskiye osnovy podgotovki magistrantov-matematikov k profil'nomu obucheniyu», «Nauchno-metodicheskiye osnovy podgotovki magistrantov informatiko-matematicheskikh spetsial'nostey k upravlencheskoy deyatel'nosti v usloviyakh informatizatsii obrazovaniya», «Metodicheskiye osnovy i tekhnologii sozdaniya elektronnykh obrazovatel'nykh resursov dlya smeshannoy modeli obucheniya magistrantov i doktorantov v pedvuzakh», «Teoriya i metodika ispol'zovaniya tekhnologiy smeshannogo obucheniya pri podgotovke magistrantov v pedvuzakh», «Akparattyk madeniyet negizderi «Balbobek akparat aleminde» ushinshi synypka arnalgan zhymys dapteri», «Informatika. Balalarga arnalgan entsiklopediyalyk anyktamalyk», «Ispol'zovaniye sredstv informatsionno - kommunikatsionnykh tekhnologiy v matematicheskom obrazovanii», «Razvitiye pedagogicheskikh kommunikatsiy v usloviyakh distantsionnogo obucheniya» and etc.

Yessen Yklasovich is a scientific supervisor of a number of state budget financed topics related to informatization of education in Kazakhstan. «Multimedia training program on computer science» in Kazakh developed by him within one of the projects is very popular in the republican schools.

Study and program-methodical materials on the courses of computer science, applied and computing mathematics, informatization of education developed by Y.Y. Bidaibekov within the projects are considered to be significant contribution to the teaching methodology in higher education institutions, especially in pedagogical higher education institutions. He published several monographs and a number of teaching materials on the training issues of the given basic and special courses in case of informatization of education.

Under Y.Y. Bidaibekov's supervision a series of «pedagogical computer science» is prepared to publish with purpose to ensure learning-methodological literature and other disciplines of subject preparation of future computer science teachers. At the present time guides on computer science in Russian and Kazakh, on methodology of teaching computer science, informatization of education, numerical methods, various chapters of information technologies, programming and etc. have been already prepared and published. The first study guide within the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on systematic course «Metodika prepodavaniya informatiki» for students - future computer science teachers is among the translations into Kazakh edited by Y.Y. Bidaibekov.

Learning, and program and methodical materials on the courses of computer science, applied and computing mathematics, informatization of education developed by Y.Y. Bidaibekov and his students, of course, are considered to be an intellectual heritage for Kazakhstan pedagogical community.

 At the present time Yessen Yklasovich's research activity is directed to the realization of postgraduate education program, also to training scientific and pedagogical staff in the field of computer science, mathematics and informatization of education in the system of postgraduate education. Yessen Yklasovich as a pedagog-researcher pays particular attention to issues of the fundamentalization of the content of subject training of magistrands and PhD doctoral students, the development of the methodical system of their training theoretical basis of computer science, computing computer science, information modeling, also the methodology of teaching computer science and informatization and digitalization of education and science.

The research under supervision of the professor Y.Y. Bidaibekov conducted over the past several years is devoted to study al-Farabi's mathematical heritage and introduction it to modern mathematics education. Yessen Yklasovich is a supervisor of the scientific project «Mathematical heritages of al-Farabi in conditions of modern education» financed by the Ministry of education and science of the RK. 

The received results during conducting the research were demonstrated the world scientific community in pedagogical university of Cracow (Poland, 2013), at the IX International ISAAC Congress (Poland, 2013), in Washington university (the USA, 2013), in Texas university (Austin, Texas, the USA, 2013), in Tamagawa university (Tokio, Japan, 2013), in the institute of mathematics and computer science of Moscow state pedagogical university (Moscow, Russia, 2013) and published in the leading scientific-methodical journals.

He repeatedly has appeared in the media in Kazakhstan and in Russia on relevant issues of education and science, training of scientific and pedagogical staff. He published an article «Informatika omir manіne ainala bastady» in «Egemendі Kazakhstan» newspaper. He has spoken on Kazakh radio programs «Bilim kokzhiegі» with the message «Computer panіn okytu zhane onyn adіstemelerіn zhetіldіru maseleleri» and «Shygys zhuldyzdary» with report «al-Farabidіn matematikalyk muralaryn bugіngі bilim beru zhuyesіne paydalanu», also he has made a speech on TV program «Vesti» (Russia, Yoshkar-Ola).

Being a head of the chair Bidaibekov Y.Y. shows organizational skills, ability to think creatively, to be aware of the new education system, which is currently undergoing big changes. Software and hardware systems of automation study and non-study activities of the university, the curricula of multilevel training in new specialties and courses of computer science and informatization of education for all specialties of KazNPU named after Abai have been developed, successfully introduced on his initiative and direct participation. Yessen Yklasovich always took and takes an active part in the development of concepts and programs of informatization of education of the RK, also in the development of state education standards of the RK and curricula for the system of multilevel training of future computer science teachers: bachelors, magistrands and PhD doctoral students.

A work of the chair's head requires a huge effort. In order to improve the training quality of qualified computer science teachers, choice of main directions of research, and training and methodological work of managed by him chair together with scientists from foreign universities (Pack N.I., Kabanikhin S.I. (Russia) and etc.) he discussed issues and worked closely with known world scientists-pedagogs: an academician Sultangazin U.M. (NAS RK), an academician Smagulov Sh.S. (KazNU named after al-Farabi), an academician Otelbayev M.U., professors Temirgaliyev N.T., Sharipbayev A.Sh. (Gumilyov ENU) and others. Scientific seminars with their participation have been organized and conducted for the staff, students, magistrands and PhD doctoral students of KazNPU named after Abai.

A creative staff works at the chair managed by Bidaibekov Y.Y., they form the core of the chair, whose members are specialists in the field of inverse problems, informatization of education. In fact the most members of the chair are his students. A lot of effort and energy he gives to training highly trained professionals and the development of informatization of education and science in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Due to tireless work and dedication to research and teaching work, he on a personal example transfers the tradition and experience to his students, which were founded by the scientists of international standards.

Over the years Bidaibekov Y.Y. was a chairman of the dissertation council in KazNPU named after Abai on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate and doctor of pedagogical sciences on 13.00.02 «Theory and methodology of teaching and education (computer science)» specialty. He supervised the work of graduate students and research fellows. 15 doctoral theses, including 4 PhD doctoral theses and 31 candidate theses, among them 4 - on mathematical specialties, the rest - on 13.00.02 «Theory and methodology of teaching and education (computer science)» specialty were defended under his supervision. At this moment he supervises a number of PhD doctoral theses on the methodology of teaching computer science and informatization of education, he is a chairman of the dissertational council on defense of thesis for award of a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in 6D011100-Computer Science, 6D060200-Coomputer Science specialties.

Bidaibekov Y.Y. keeps close contact with the universities of Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk and other cities of the CIS and the Republic of Kazakhstan, where regularly gives scientific reports. He takes an active part in scientific seminars and conferences of the Republican and International meaning, is a constant participant of the Congress of the conference «Information technologies in education (ITE)» (Moscow). He publishes his scientific works in international (central) scientific editions and collection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, countries of the CIS and far abroad. The list of Yessen Yklasovich's published scientific works includes more than 600 titles, almost 70 of them are monographs, textbooks and guides. Many of his scientific articles have been published in journals with high ranking impact factor.

The interests of the professor Bidaibekov Y.Y. are multifaceted.

Noticeable his editorial activities as a member of the editorial board of the republican scientific-methodical pedagogical journal «Computer science. Physics. Mathematics» (in Kazakh), scientific-methodical journal «Pedagogics and psychology», scientific-methodical journal «Bulletin of MCPU», a series of «Computer science and informatization of education» (Moscow), as well as a deputy editor of scientific-methodical journal «Bulletin of KazNPU named after Abai» a series of physics and mathematics sciences.

Special courses such as «Inverse problems for differential equations», «Numerical methods of solving inverse problems» and etc. have been developed by Bidaibekov Y.Y., they are included in the curriculum and not one young generation of specialists of physics and mathematics faculty of Kazakh national pedagogical university named after Abai have been trained on them. Also, the courses for the system of postgraduate training of scientific and pedagogical staff on computer science and informatization of education, including «Organization and conducting pedagogical research», «Scientific and pedagogical aspects and methodical system of training computer science and informatization of education» and etc. have been developed.

In addition, he introduced a number of important proposals to improve courses of computer science, numerical methods, methodology of teaching computer science, also to use new information and communication technologies in teaching and educational process. Lectures on numerical methods, inverse problems for differential equations, computer science and methodology of its teaching, special courses of the elected chapters of mathematical modeling and calculating experiment, informatization of education as directions of science and training of teaching staff have been developed and given by him for students, magistrands, PhD doctoral students using modern digital educational technologies. 

Also, professor Bidaibekov Y.Y. supervises course, final works, and masters' and doctoral theses. Along with doctoral and candidate theses more than 30 master's theses and a lot of final qualifying works of students were defended under his supervision.

Bidaibekov Y.Y. in addition to teaching and educational work conducts a big scientific and organizing work. He supervises the seminars on inverse problems of mathematical physics, also on informatization of education and training issues which have meaning in training highly trained staff in the field of informatization of education.

Also, he conducts the research in the field of mathematical modeling and calculating experiment as one of the most important sections of computer science, also in the field of inverse problems of mathematical physics. He obtained important results in the inverse problems of magnetotelluric sounding (MTS).

Bidaibekov Yessen Yklasovich gives lectures on inverse problems, informatization of education, organizing and planning of research work, special course for graduate students and magistrands.

Professor Bidaibekov Y.Y. takes an active part in public work of the institute and the university. For many years he was an executive secretary of the selection committee, headed by a jury of subject Olympiads among schoolchildren, as well as numerous competitions of scientific projects of pupils and teachers of the republic. He was a chairman of the jury of the I republican competition «Altyn disc» for computer science teachers of secondary and vocational schools, lyceums and colleges. Yessen Yklasovich with great responsibility applies to all orders of administration, enjoys a well-deserved reputation among staff and students, as well as among the scientific and educational community of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia.

Y.Y. Bidaibekov is characterized by high knowledge, competence and rigor combined with good human qualities, simplicity and democratic.

His merits in the development of national science and training of highly trained professionals were appreciated with many diplomas and medals.

In 1995 Yessen Yklasovich was awarded the breastplate «Excellence in Education area of the RK».

In 1998 he was awarded Honour diploma for perfect creative work in the republic education system, for achieved learning and bringing results of young generation by the Ministry of education, culture and healthcare of the RK.

In 2002 he was awarded Honour diploma of ASU named after Abai in honour of 11th anniversary of the Independence of the RK.

In 2004 he was awarded the breastplate of the Ministry of education and science of the RK «The honorable education worker of the RK».

In 2008 was awarded two medals, breastplate and diploma:

- «For the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan»,

- «The honorable education worker of the RK»,

- the breastplate of S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar state university,

- was awarded the diploma dedicated to the 80th anniversary of KazNPU named after Abai.

In 2012 was awarded the medal named after A.Baitursynov «The best author» for work in writing new textbooks which meet modern standards of education by the Association of HEIs of the RK.

In 2013 was awarded three medals, diploma and breastplate:

- the medal of  European scientific-industrial chamber for a huge contribution to computer science and education,

- «Gold medal for exceptional «Achievements»» (Brussels, Belgium),

- the breastplate «Ayryksha yenbegi ushin» KazNPU named after Abai;

- the diploma for an active participation in the I International scientific conference «Intellectual Information and Communication Technologies as a Tool for Realization of the third Industrial Revolution within the framework of the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy»,

- the breastplate for an active participation in the IX International ISAAC Congress (Krakow, Poland).

In 2014 he was awarded the medal named after A.Baitursynov for an effective work in writing textbooks for higher education institutions by the Association of HEIs of the RK.

In 2016 Yessen Bidaibekov was awarded two medals «Üzdik ustaz» Abai KazNPU and «Axmet Yassawïdiñ 850 jıldığı», UNESCO. In 2018 he was awarded the jubilee medal «Abay atyndagy Kazakh ulttyk pedagogical university 90 zhyl» for his contribution to the development of the university.

In 2007 and 2012 Bidaibekov Y.Y. was awarded the status «The best lecturer of HEI» of the year.

Bidaibekov's creative ideas are limitless and he skilfully attracts their colleagues. This is a man with broad nature optimistic outlook on life. He is distinguished by outstanding intellect, talent of the scientist, organizer, outstanding creative abilities, inexhaustible energy, an active position in life, hard working, sense of responsibility - these wonderful human qualities earned him the respect and gratitude. Yessen Yklasovich is married and has three children, four grandchildren. It is interesting to note that he sings very well, dances, plays musical instruments. His own anniversary professor Bidaibekov Y.Y. meets in his prime, he is full of energy for social activities. The potential of his plans, promising ideas is far from exhausted, and he will spend it for the good of his people, his followers - students.